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The Circus Princess!
Yasmine, the granddaughter of the famous Billy Smart, and Elleano Stey, who crossed Thames on a wire in 1951, is presently touring with Billy Smarts Circus in the UK.

Yasmine is known and loved in England for her role as the glamourous ring mistress on her grand father's much televised circus. Yasmine first presented a Liberty routine when she was ten years old, and was presented with her first horse when she was thirteen. She was then tutored in the art of horse training by John Gindel.

In 1980 she purchased her own group of Arab Stallions, and trained them herself. Yasmine's methods of training are based on positive reinforcment, reward and patience. The horses, who are stabled in large loose boxes throughout the year, practice every morning. It is indicitive of the gentleness of methods that no horse is worked until it sweats.

Yasmine's horses are her work, her art and her life. For the last twenty years, she and the horses have travelled throughout Europe and America, and their work, in circus horse shows and circus festivals has always been an equalled demonstration of horsemanship and glamour.

Yasmine Smart
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